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Available for: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Amazon

Raise Your Own Baby Dragons On Islands In The Sky!

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"Jurassic Park was cool, but really it doesn't have anything on DragonVale."


"This new title has a depth and higher quality of art that’s reminiscent of the work that went into early console games."


"Between you and me, dragon parks are pretty rad."


Collect Awesome Dragons

Hatched a dragon lately? DragonVale is a game full of your own lovable dragons. Each dragon has its own style and personality. You can name your dragons just like you would name a pet dog or cat. Some dragons are more rare than others. Collect 'em all!



Breed Exotic Hybrids

Combine any two dragons to breed rare hybrid combinations. You never know what you're going to get! Some dragons are particularly hard to breed, but don't worry. With a little patience, you can breed all the dragons in DragonVale for free. Just stick with it or talk to your friends for tips on how to improve your odds of hatching that elusive dragon.

Feed Your Dragons

All dragons in DragonVale start as eggs. Those eggs hatch into adorable baby dragons. You'll grow treats in your park and feed your dragons to help them grow into adults. And, if you prefer the babies, you can always add adult dragons to the DragonVale Fountain of Youth to restore them to their youthful appearance.


Compete In Dragon Races

Compete for awesome prizes in DragonVale Dragon Races. There are several different race tracks to master. Choose the best dragon for each track and tap at just the right moment to boost your dragon past its competitors. Go for the gold!


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