Our Story

In 2009, Backflip Studios was created to explore the possibilities of mobile games. The studio wanted to make a meaningful mark on this new technology and took a couple shots with physics-based games. Paper Toss was the first to capture a huge audience. Ninjump followed soon after and helped complete an early portfolio of easy-to-play but hard-to-master games. Those two titles became household brands and are still regarded as momentous influences to this day. Backflip then hit the market with a creature collection game immersed in mystery called DragonVale. Fans helped turn this humble park-builder into the hallmark of Backflip.

After a few years of popular titles, the studio started recruiting from all over the country. Backflip grew and more games were released, picking up critical accolades along the way. The puzzle-RPG, Spellfall, received a Best of App Store award in 2014.

This journey caught the attention of Hasbro Inc. who welcomed Backflip to its family of companies. This alliance created various opportunities to utilize renowned Hasbro properties in new mobile games. Backflip Studios is excited to focus on the future of gaming by embracing technology trends, developing various genres, and exploring new ideas. This dedicated team is always in search of the next great game.

Michael Fridley – VP


What is your favorite game that BFS makes?

What is you favorite part about working for BFS?
Everyone really cares about the work and the studio here.

What is the best part about working in Boulder CO?
Boulder is a lot like a big city in several ways, but still feels like a small town.

Chris Nemcosky, VP of Engineering

Software Development

What is your favorite game that BFS makes?
Army of Darkness: Defense

What is you favorite part about working for BFS?
Being surrounded by incredibly talented, creative people

What is the best part about working in Boulder CO?
Sunshine, Mountains, Bikes and Beer

Todd Heringer - Head of Studio

Studio Management

Who is your favorite dragon?
Molten is definitely my favorite.

What is your favorite part about working for BFS?
Being able to work with talented people to make fun games.

What is the best part about working in Boulder CO?
The almost constant sunshine, it’s really amazing.

Our Games

Here at Backflip Studios, we make games the whole family can enjoy. Our designs accommodate many different play styles and routines. We try to ensure that players can achieve everything they want through pure play, but we make it a little easier with in-app purchases. Our games are heavily immersed in exploration, discovery, and awe. We develop a wide variety of experiences to satisfy any craving; physics-flickers, twitch tappers, crazy collections, perplexing puzzlers, addicting adventures, and more! We make games that we would like to play and are confident others will have fun with them too.